Howdy everyone! What a hot couple of days we have had. Sure glad the air
conditioner was working but I know that a lot of folks had to work in the
heat just like they work in the terrible cold of winter. So, I think with
Labor Day approaching we should be thankful to all those who work to keep
our great country moving.

This brings me to bark about another point. Erie has a liability policy
designed just for the small contractor. It's call Eries Five Star
Contractors policy. We have the coverage you need to get licensed with the
state, but the cost won't break the bank. Coverage range from $100,000 up
to a $1,000,000. We want to help you get started. Along the way and just a
reminder, I have Cole's List of Contractors. I help with referrals to your
business. I can give my PAW of APPROVAL that you have Erie Insurance right
there to back you up.

In today's world we applaud all those who are not afraid to follow their
dreams and we want to lend a paw the best way we can. So here is a high