Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather now that it is not quite so hot! I know it is a relief to my fur to not have it quite so hot. And thankfully it is so beautiful on such an important day as well. I know many of you are honoring this day of remembrance. We honor all of the people who served and gave their lives during this tragic day. We respect their memory and how there are many who are still suffering the effects of what happened. But that is why we have Foundations like the Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors, because they help these exact people. In an odd coincidence we were able to meet last evening with two of the Board members to present what we raised from our Golf outing on July 25th, 2015. At a small check presentation that I was the official pawtographer for, we presented the check to Board Members Tom Wolfe and Major General Randy Marchi. It was fascinating to sit and listen as everyone talked about different things. We heard some amazing stories from these two men who represent such an amazing cause. They told us about some adventures they have had and how and why they joined this Foundation. They also explained how they help the warriors and who qualifies. All in all it was a pawfectly lovely evening. After all was said and done we were able to raise $9300 for them!!

In the top picture are the following from left to right:
Randy Marchi – PA Wounded Warriors
Tyler Muschara – Tee Off Against affiliate
Kristen Bender – Tee Off Against
Beth Graham – Tee Off Against
Dan Sanchez – Tee Off Against Founder
Kevin Spicer – Market Cross Pub
Nicole Carricato – Weitzel Insurance
Don Weitzel – Weitzel Insurance
Tom Wolfe – PA Wounded Warriors
Thank you again to everyone and we honor the memory of today