Howllo everyone! Hope you all had a great week! I want to talk just a little this week about Erie's glass coverage. I had a call this week about chips on one of our insured s windshield They had a stone fly up and made a big chip but they had our comprehensive coverage so they had coverage.

I want to go into some detail about this. If you can have the windshield repaired, there is no deductible. Pretty sweet right? Now, I know sometimes the whole windshield is just too badly damaged and only can be replaced. In this case, yes, your deductible does apply. That's why mom suggests that you keep that in mind when you discuss with your agent the best comprehensive coverage for you. Oh, and did I mention comprehensive takes care of deer hits and is never held against you either?

Ok, that's is it for the week! I'm off to pick up some duck sticks for the week. What, didn't you pick up your snacks? I know you did. I have a nose for those kinda things.

Have a pawfectly great week everyone