Just wanted to paws for a minute, to reflect on something that may come in handy to any of our clients facing work around their home. While I was relaxing in the yard over the weekend my mom was taking care of a couple of things around our house. After she cleared all the sticks and branches from the recent storms, we got to talking about helping clients with their projects and maintenance

For years my mom has keep a referral list of contractors and businesses that we insure so if anyone ever needs a HVAC contractor, flooring installer or roof repair etc. I've met many of these small business people and have gotten to know them when I've help them around my own home. So this brings me to the my latest idea! I am going to launch Cole's List of Contactors.

I will have a list of insured contractors available for our insureds or anyone who may need a contractor for any type of help they may need around the house. All you'll do is email me at CEP@Weitzelinsurance.com and I will see if we have a fit for your needs. I will send a list of contractors right to your email address with their contact information. I will also be able to ensure that they have liability coverage, so you can feel comfortable knowing they have Erie insurance. This will provide you with peace of mind, and I can assure you the have a four paw approval rating by me.

Look forward to hearing from you!