Well, summer is here and Fourth of July is right around the corner! I know some of us love fireworks and cook outs, but my mom says we must practice safe use of these things. Just like making sure I don't get burned by the grill or get too close to the fire pit. I have a really long beautiful long tail you know. She also makes sure I'm safe when we have sparklers, by keeping me away from them. But they are really pretty to watch! Mom has also been talking about getting out my pool! My brother, cousins and I can then get in the pool cool off, and then shake water all over our mommies and daddies! That is so much fun to do. But I know they always keep a close eye on us just to make sure we stay safe, because they love us.

She says any kind of kids need to be kept safe, even two legged ones. So, if your family is planning a cookout, sparklers and enjoying the pool this holiday, just remember to keep everyone safe. I do hope one of those hotdogs falls on the ground…open game then… yum! So we here at Weitzel Insurance hope you and your family have a safe and happy July 4th cause summer is filled with pawsibilities.