Well I had a great week! I made my first official sales call. I was chauffeured, just making sure you read my blog from the other week, to Abram’s and Weakley Health Food Store for Pets at 3963 N 6th St., Harrisburg, PA and I had an amazing time!

I have to confess, I had a special reason for going to see Kristen and her great staff. I wanted to thank them pawsonally for helping my family.

You see about a year ago, our family adopted a dear golden girl by the name of Riley. Now Riley was very little when she came to live with Stephanie and Juan; they are my cousin Gizmo and Max’s mommy and daddy. Poor Riley girl was always sick. Her mommy and daddy kept taking her to the doctors, but they just couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

That’s when they found Kristen and her amazing staff at Abrams and Weakley. They did a food consultation and sure enough, that made all the difference. She is now very healthy and happy. Trust me, she comes over to visit at my house and she never stops playing with my brother Jex. Her mommy and daddy couldn’t be happier.

Just so you don’t think that Abrams’s and Weakley only has pet food, the have a wonderful selections of toys, yes I do enjoy a good squeaky now and then, pawfessional training classes, excellent customer service, but their treats are the very best. My favorites are the Duck Sticks. You need to see for yourself all the wonderful things they carry. I don’t want to forget, that the also have a pet stylist. I think they like to use the word, groomer, but I think stylist sounds so much more sophisticated, because I think we should always want to put our best paw forward when we’re out and about.

If you would like to contact Abram’s and Weakley, their phone number is 717-232-3963 and tell them Cole the CEP sent you!