Howllo everyone. It's me, Gizmo bringing you the Weekly Wag.

As Cole said I was called in to cover the office Friday while he took some
much needed R & R. Rest and Rolling.

I had a great day visiting with some old clients and met some new ones too.
What a howling good time we had. I must say the new office has my four paw
approval. I won't lie, I really did like sitting on Bill's desk and watching
out the window but these new digs are just pawfect.

That brings up something that I think we should talk about. On Friday I was
told to sit and stay while my Grammy took a sales call from someone looking
for Homeowner's insurance. They were new to the area and Grammy prepared a
quote while they waited. Once she went through the quote on the computer
she explained just what they would be getting with an ErieSecure Homeowners
policy. The biggest advantage is the "Guaranteed Replacement coverage" on
the home. She said that there are companies out there that claim
Replacement coverage, but if you read the fine print, they only will give
you 125% of the dwelling amount listed on the policy. She told them that if
they were to have a total loss, and the reconstruction cost was greater than
125% listed on their policy, just what would they do without? Floors,
walls, a bathroom? I thought that was a great point. I mean what would they
do without? They are taking the policy of course. You just can't argue
with pawfection.

Well I'm stepping back into semi-retirement again, that is until Cole wants
another day off. You can always drop me a line thru Cole's e-mail address: . He will make sure I get it. Would love to hear
from you about your summer.

Great barking my howllos and thoughts this week.