Hi everyone! Well its official, Fall is here. I don’t know about you, but I love Fall. I especially like rolling around in the leaves. My mom, not so much because I get them stuck in my tail and bring them into the house, where mom says they make a mess. I think that’s a small price to pay for a little roll fun.

But, that brings me to another matter that comes with Fall. It’s called the RUT. The Rut is when a boy deer is looking for girl deer so they have little deer in the spring. Pawsonally, I like the small ones, fawns mom calls them; those big boy deer well they are pretty scary. I do like the antlers, though, that we get from Abram’s and Weakly. Very tasty.

Well, back to this thing called the Rut. It happens every fall and the boy deer are out looking for the girl deer and they get a little crazy. Kinda like dating to people. This is also why auto accidents with deer go up this time of year. Now if you have comprehensive coverage on your auto policy, we’ve got your back. Yep that’s right, Comprehensive coverage pays for deer strikes. You see, we don’t hit deer, those guys hit us. I was in a cars several years ago when a deer hit us. Just came right off a bank and landed on the hood of our car. Boy I was scared. But since we had the right coverage, no big deal. Mom also had rental coverage with the comprehensive coverage, which gave her a car to use to get to and from work, so she could buy me kibble and treats. I have needs.

This is a good time of the year to ask us to review your auto coverage, to make sure you have the right coverage and you would be properly covered in the event of deer strike. Take a minute and give us a call. It doesn’t hurt a bit and it’s free. I like free, don't you?

Have a howling good week everyone!