Hi everyone, Cole here with my weekly words of wisdom and pawabilities.

This week I want to talk about something very important concerning my four legged friends and family.

Did you know we can suffer from HEAT Exhaustion and stoke. Yep, that’s right. We can feel the same effects of the heat just like our humans.

What brought me to this today, is my brother Jex. He is turning 2 in a couple of months and is just full of energy, as well as himself. Boy he can get on my last paw. But anyway, his dad and my mom try to give him exercise to keep him happy and healthy. They take us to the park to play. I actually just like a nice stroll. But with Jex, we watch him very carefully and limits the amount of time he is tearing around, he never strolls like me. Kids! When we come home, Mom is very careful as to limit how much water he may have, and never ice water either. We just don’t know our own limits sometimes. So glad we have our moms and dads to look out for us.

Mom has a doggie first aid kit at our house. In it she says there is information about all kinds of thing we might get into or have a problem with. So my recommendation, every house should have a first aid kit for our humans, but for your four legged family members as well.

Ok, so that’s it for this week. Have a howling good time over the weekend. Oh there is my Frisbee and a stick. Life is great, got to run.