Hi everyone! I hope you had a great week, like I did. Pawersonally, I’m looking forward to a nice quiet weekend. We just finished up the First Annual Weitzel Insurance Tee Off for PA Wounded Warriors last Saturday and it was a barking great success! We had over 100 golfers come and even had News 21 there! I just know there were lots of little white balls flying around and there was lots of music, and everyone was saying how great of a time they were having! I also could smell the steaks that they had for everyone. Mmmmm..they smelled so good, but I couldn’t have any. So I was told we will wait to see what we raised for the Warriors and we will let you know as soon as we do! So this weekend, I’m looking for some R and R. Rest and Rolling. I just can’t help lf when it comes to rolling in my favorite roll spot in the yard. My mom says I’m amazing because I can roll completely over. It is really no big deal for me cause I can do that when I want a duck stick too. It works real well.

Without barking too much, I want to talk about something very important to a great many of our policy holders. Last Sunday night we had a terrible thunderstorm with lots and lots of rain. But one thing we didn’t have to worry about in our house was the sump pump not working. You see, we have the Sewer and Drain Back-up endorsement on our Erie Homeowner’s policy. Yep, if water backs up through the sewer or drain in our basement or if we have an overflow from the sump pump, we are covered. But you have to add this to your policy as an endorsement.

My mom put it on our home a long time ago, and boy am I glad. We have had a great deal of rain and to think that water could come into my house and the expense. Don’t get me wrong, I like to get my paws wet as much as the next dog, but not in our basement. That’s why I don’t have to worry. We have the protection of Erie Insurance and their Sewer and Drain coverage. Just call my mom at her office and she can give you peace of mind by adding this important coverage to your home.

OK that’s my thoughts for this week. I hope you all have a howling good weekend and I’m available for cookout consultations. Hotdogs are my specialty. You could say, I’m a hotdog expert. But to let you all know that next Friday I will be taking the day off and my cousin Gizmo is going to stop by and even do a guest blog! Check it out next week!