Boy, oh boy, is it rainy outside! Kinda of chilly too. Hi everyone Cole here. Just laying here on the couch thinking about all this rain and watching the weather channel, listening to the hurricane forecast. Thought this might be a good time for us to bark about Emergency preparedness.

You know when natural disasters strike, we should all be prepared for things like, power outages and damage that could happen to our home. I have a kit that has water, kibble and even have a bag of treats. Mom keeps other things around the house like battery operated lights, radio, and she makes sure the car has a full tank of gas. I know it's not as bad as if we lived on the coast but, you need to prepare.

Insurance is like that; it helps you prepare. It covers your home and your car. Do you know what your policy covers? Mom says the more you know about insurance the more you can tailor your policy to fit you and your family. That is also why we are here. To educate you and make sure your coverage is just right for you. We have things like sewer and drain coverage. That might be a good idea if you have a drain in your basement. What about earthquake coverage? Yep we get earthquakes right here in central PA. Are you aware of scheduled jewelry? These are just a few things you can add to a policy.

You should review your insurance policies every three years, cause things change. We try to call our policy holders to go over just this. But if you do not hear from us, give us a call and we'll sit down and together, we can custom build coverage just for you. It's free and it doesn't hurt a bit. After all, don't you want to be safe?

Ok, so, I'm going to grab a bite haha. No, I don't bite, but I need a snack. So have a howling good week and try to keep your paws dry!