Howdy everyone! I sure hope you are all enjoying this great fall weather, because I sure am! Did you know that the prime temperature for dogs is 55 degrees? Guess that why I’m feeling so good. So while you enjoy the weather I need to bark about something very important: Scheduled property. Scheduled property you ask? Yep, it is an often overlooked coverage. Scheduled property is when we add jewelry, cameras, hearing aids or other valuables that you may collect, to your home or tenant policy. This makes sure that individual item is covered in case of a loss. Now, don’t get me wrong, if you have a homeowners or tenant policy you get some coverage for these things, but there may not be adequate coverage in the policy, and you also must pay a deductible.

Let’s say you scheduled (I know the terminology is funny) your engagement ring or Rolex watch, and you lose it. After you get done being upset and then call me, where I assure you that it was indeed scheduled, and we chose a zero deductible. So now, I’m going you get you another ring or watch of that value! Pretty sweet right? Don’t let the cost of scheduling an item worry you either. It is only pennies on the dollar.

Rather safe than sorry, I always say. Now, one final note, you might need an appraisal or receipt for some of your valuables, but it would be worth it in the long run. So with that, I’m going to run. Yep we are heading out to the dog park for a run and maybe a bark or two.

Bark at you all next week!