Hi everyone! I hope everyone has had as great a week as the Red Land Little League team and their success at achieving the US Little League Champions title! I just want to give a high paw to this highly talented and amazing team! Mom and I watch the series and couldn't have been prouder of these fine young players. I loved watching the ball go flying around the screen too. I would have loved to play “catch” on the field with them! They serve as a reminder to everyone, young or old to keep working toward their goals and dreams. Besides being winners, they also represent the true meaning of sportsmanship. As I watched that ball fly around, I think it scrambled my brains a bit and I started to think about sportsmanship. Insurance and sportsmanship are not often thought about in the same sentence. Which makes me beg, even though I sometimes am scolded when I do…but, why not…I have such convincing eyes. Why don’t people think of them together? What is sportsmanship? It is teamwork, honoring and respecting the other players, integrity, accepting mistakes, growing together and playing as best as you can with a great attitude regardless of the circumstances. Mom said that at Weitzel, they are working together to show more of our customers these exact values. It doesn’t matter if is baseball, insurance or me playing ball with Jex, the concepts are the same. Not everyone has to use their insurance, but they have the security and peace of mind of knowing it is there. Which is exactly what insurance is for. It and the team of people at the agency are there to make sure if you do need them, they are there for you and can help. Just like the little league players, as each went up to bat, each one knew that they had the undying support of their team and their coaches. Also, oftentimes as a small business, she tells me, it can be hard to keep up with everyone we’ve built relationships with over the years. But we have to keep trying and keep practicing and continue to put plays in place to help us be the best agency we can be, just like the Red Land Little League team. So if, you ever have to call in and report a claim, just need to get something off your chest, buy a new car, or let us know you just bought a new boat, my mom and everyone else, Don, Nicole and Bill, are there to back you up, protect you and be there when you need us.