This week I'm going to bark about something very important.

As you are most likely aware, Halloween is this week. A lot of towns, boroughs, and communities will be holding trick or treat nights. So to get right to my point, it's a time of the years lots of kids will be out and about. While I hope all the kids and their families will be very careful while crossing the streets in neighborhoods, kids get so excited and make mistakes. Please, please, please keep this in mind if you are driving during this time of year. Just remember not all communities will have the same night scheduled as your neighborhood

If you are a parent, please make sure the kids are dressed in reflective colors or have reflective tape on their costume and carry a flashlight. Just last year we lost a young person right here in our area to a car accident.

All kids should have a safe and fun night and we all need to work together to make sure that happens.

Ok so I'm heading out today to pickup candy for my neighborhood kids. Boy I love answering the door and visiting with the many kiddos cause I get lots of pets and even a couple of hugs.

I'll be celebrating Halloween on Friday October 30th at my office. I was thinking about dressing up as an insurance agent. Haha. But I will be wearing my costume on Friday, so stop by, I would love to see you!

Happy Halloween everyone!