Oh my, Oh my, oh my! Thanksgiving is here already… I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a great big Turkey dinner. My brother and I went to the store with mom and we got a big turkey and all the fixing that goes with it. I can’t wait.

But that brings me to a very important message today. I know some of you will be frying your turkey. My aunt likes her turkey that way, but you need to use great care when frying a turkey. First, never fry in a garage or an enclosed area. There is a real chance of a flame up when that turkey is placed in the fryer. Now, some of the newer fryers are a lot safer, but if you are using the outdoor kettle fryer, you need to be careful.

Fire is a guest you don’t want showing up on turkey day. But I know accidents happen. That’s why you need Erie Insurance and me right there to watch your back, or your house, your car. You get it.

Holidays are all about family, I’m thankful for all my friends and family here at Weitzel Insurance. Just remember to be safe and save a little turkey for me.

Your turkey expert,