Welcome to all of our new readers! We have a lot going on here at Weitzel Insurance! Since we recently moved our office to the heart of Camp Hill, we have added new signs and can be found between Meeka Jewelry and Carmina Makeup. We also are taking a new initiative on our marketing and contacting our new and current clients. Look for some communique soon regarding that!

We are working diligently right now also on our golf outing that will benefit Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors. This is seperate from the Nationally known Wounded Warriors. PAWW was locally founded by General Sajer and his lovely wife Helen. Check out tab for Weitzel Wounded Warriors! We are currently accepting sponsors. The event will be held on July 25th at the Carlisle Barricks and all proceeds will go towards the PAWW, who gives $.96 on the dollar directly to what Wounded Warriors needs. We are also looking for volunteers as well! Give us a call or fill out our "Contact Us" to volunteer or to sign up as a sponsor. Be sure to hurry as it will fill up quickly!

Also, many of you have expressed your disappointment that our Chief Executive Pups Cole and Gizmo has not been in the office. At this point they have been retired down to one day a week. But they have taken over very important roles and are assisting with our marketing efforts. Be sure to look for them in some of our email communiques! Be sure also, if you are a current client to let us know your latest email address. We have some important information that will be coming out via email, and we don't want you to miss out!

Much love to all of our current clients and to those who have yet to join the Weitzel family!